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Fitness/Wellness Center


  • To educate, promote and enlighten our citizenry about a healthy lifestyle
  • To provide opportunities to improve overall personal, mental, and physical wellness to the VSU community
  • To provide a healthy place for students, faculty, and staff to interact and to workout


Physical activity helps to:

  • Promote psychological well-being and better self-image 
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce depression
  • Extends longevity and slow the aging process
  • Strengthen the mind

FWC Activities for Faculty/Staff and Families

  • Promote fitness and wellness programs which link to lower medical cost and higher job productivity
  • Result in greater employee moral
  • Attractive to prospective employees
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness


  • Lead by guiding rather than ruling
  • Project influence and sight with the power of positive attitude and example:
    • Cultivate an atmosphere where hard, smart work–and fun–are a way of life
    • Earn loyalty and cooperation by allowing discipline to evolve naturally
    • Encourage individuals to set their own goals (and monitor their progress toward themUse a simple, direct approach
    • Clearly and concisely explain principle-based reasons for everything we do
    • Focus on the end rather than the means at all times
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